Virus Attack Android in ChinaSerang

WASHINGTON, - One type of virus that attacks a cell phone that uses Google's Android operating system made in China reported. This weakness allows hackers (hackers) to gain access to the data pribadipemilik smart phone from a distance.

The report quoted Lookout Mobile Security declared a new type of Trojan virus that attacks the Android device has been dubbed "Geinimi". Infection with this virus can collect personal data that is very much on the user's phone and sends it to the server where it automatically. The company even refers to these viruses as malware (malicious software) Android's most advanced today.

"Immediately after the device was installed on the phone malicious user, malware that has the ability to receive commands from a remote server that allows server owners to control the phone," said Lookout. Creator Geinimi also has increased the sophistication of the said virus that is not too flashy. Virus was working with techniques that are not easily detected.

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