120 The Police Keep Session Gayus, Road Traffic Ampera Still CurrentOrang

Jakarta - South Jakarta Police deployed 120 personnel to secure the sentencing trial of Gaius Tambunan. These police personnel deployed in the court room. While road traffic Ampera still current.

"120 People is the combined personnel of the South Jakarta Police station and police station Sunday Market. This is to prevent undesirable," said the South Jakarta District Police Chief Senior Commissioner Gatot Eddy Pramono in South Jakarta District Court, Jalan Ampera, Jakarta, Wednesday (19/1/2010) .

Securing the South Jakarta District Court was seen starting from the gate of the court. About 10 policemen guard the gates of the court. But they do not carry any weapons.

Officers are also guarding the entrance of South Jakarta District Court. About 5 people officer guarding the entrance of this court. They have also examined bags of visitors because most visitors to this court is a journalist.

Gaius Session will begin at 10.30 pm in room Professor Haji Oemar Seno Adji. Benches in the room was already full of visitors. Television cameras have also been installed at the front of the room trial.

Meanwhile, traffic at Jalan Ampera still current. Seen three police trucks parked in front of the South Jakarta District Court. But this has not disrupt traffic on the road Ampera.

(Nal / NRL)

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