Select the Smart Air ConditionerSmart - Despite contributing a large percentage of the electricity bill, the public interest to buy a water conditioner (AC) remains large. Reasons to provide comfort in the midst of an increasingly hot city air is one of them. Well, so do not scramble in the future due to inflated electricity bills, you need to choose the right AC.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering University of Indonesia, Dr-Ing Adhi Setiawan Eko gives tips for choosing an efficient air conditioner without reducing comfort. He said the air conditioning technology has been developed and more efficient power.

"We have already circulated the smart air conditioner products. This type is able to regulate the temperature of the room so that the AC was working constantly," he told According to him, by using this product use of electrical energy can be reduced to a minimum.

Trace the development of AC technology, at least now there are 3 types of smart air conditioning in circulation. The first type works with the system "on off". So, when the temperature was as expected, the AC will stop their activities. When the temperature rises again, the AC will live longer for the temperature is maintained according to the in-setting.

The second type is a modification of the first kind. AC does not work that way on off, but reducing the fan rotation. This type prevents large electrical power consumption when AC started on again. Thus, it can be said that this type of AC is more efficient than the first type.

But, the greatest is the third type, AC-tech sensors. This type can detect human presence in the room. Only if there are people inside the AC will work. Meanwhile, if the room is empty, air-conditioning will reduce its activity. In addition, AC also has the ability of the temperature setting as the previous 2 types.

Researcher Center for Electronics and Telecommunications Research Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Masyuri said, "Based on the principle works, AC-tech sensors that can be said that most of the most efficient. It is better to choose this type of air conditioning." So, maybe you can find this kind on the market.

Furthermore, Eko explained, the selection of energy-saving technology is important, but more important is the human factor. "80 percent of energy use depends on the human factor. While only 20 percent of it depends on the equipment or technology. If the technology is efficient but not so useless human beings," he said.

Therefore, the use of electronic equipment including air conditioning should be regulated not consume too much energy. Simple behaviors such as turn off the AC when you leave the room or when air temperature is quite comfortable without air conditioning can be done. combined with the use of smart air conditioning, it can reduce energy consumption and costs significantly.

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