Use LED TV, Is More Energy Efficient?LED - One of the jargon which always carried by a TV producer who uses the screen LED (light emitting diode) is a matter of saving energy. Claimed, LED TV is the most efficient type of television than any other television currently available, ranging tube TVs, plasma, or LCD (liquid crystal display). True?

Viewed from the standpoint of technology, according to electronics expert from the Center for Electronics and Telecommunications Research Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Masyuri, LED TV technology is far more efficient. "Saving power can be very significant," he said.

When compared with the TV tube, the LED can save power up to 50 percent. Meanwhile, when compared with LCD TV, LED TV could save 20-30 percent power. That was caused LED TVs using LED lighting from lower energy consumption.

However, Masyuri said that the energy consumption of LED TV can not simply be compared absolutely. Growing trend in communities around the election of television size also needs to be seen. Now, if people buy LED TV, they did buy a large.

"Well, now see if you buy size 42 inch LED TV, it's energy consumption is almost equal to ukurang 14-inch tube TV, maybe even more. So, this TV LED can only change in trend in choosing a television person," he continued.

Furthermore, LED TV prices are still more expensive than other types of television. However, it will pay off with a more brilliant image quality. With LED, detailed images can be better than any other type of television.

Masyuri emphasized, the most important thing in choosing a television is to see the information contained in television packaging, primarily about the power needed. Masyuri also stressed the need to effectively use television, for example by turning it off if not watched

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